CASCADOSS International Symposium and International Information Workshop. Events’ report.

Rafal Wawer, Monika Rusztecka, Erika Orlitowa, Adam Podolcsak, Therese Steenberghen, Therese Steenberghen


The CASCADOSS Project’s objective was to build up a critical mass of Open Source users within the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) society, which could support each other in finding open source solutions for environmental related problems.
To achieve this goal CASCADOSS sets up a “trans-national cascade training programme on Open Source GIS & Remote Sensing software for environmental applications”. This cascade training program is divided into three phases: extensive study on application of FOSS GIS and RS software for environmental assessments. Second stage aims at dissemination through international events for advanced users. Third phase aims at dissemination and training during several national events and a geoportal.
The article presents the outputs from the CASCADOSS international events: symposium and information workshop, where the findings of CASCADOSS project were presented and discussed.


FOSS4G, nature protection, environment proteciton, software evaluation, business models, sofwtare licensing

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