Collaborative Web-Based Mapping of Real-Time Flight Simulator and Sensor Data

Cristian Gadea, Rabih Dagher, Bogdan Ionescu, Dan Ionescu, Robin Tropper


Google Maps is an example of how Web 2.0 technology such as AJAX can be used to create online map services that are easy to access, user-friendly and fast. Thanks to flexible web-based mapping APIs, it is now possible for non-experts to plot and distribute GIS (Geographic Information System) data to a large audience. Most data plotted so far, however, has been relatively static. In addition, the typical webpage layout has limited the interaction possibilities for online maps when compared with windowed desktop applications. This paper will present a JEE-based publish/subscribe architecture that allows real-time sensor data to be displayed collaboratively on the web, requiring users to have nothing more than a web browser and Internet connectivity to gain access to that data. The architecture is tested using live data from Microsoft Flight Simulator and data conforming to the OGC Sensor Observation Service (SOS) standard. By using the latest web-based technology from open source projects like OpenLayers and 52North, this paper shows how maps and GIS data can be made more accessible, more social and generally more useful.


web collaboration, web-based mapping, real-time monitoring

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