r.in.swisstopo - A new module for the GRASS GIS application for importing digital elevation model data of Switzerland in swisstopo format

Juergen Hansmann


The Swiss federal office of topography, swisstopo (\url{http://www.swisstopo.admin.ch/}), offers digital elevation models of Switzerland in several different formats. When working with the open source geographic information system software GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System), these data need to be imported into a GRASS raster layer. For this task a new GRASS module \textit{r.in.swisstopo} has been developed, which detects the format of the swisstopo input elevation data and imports it into a GRASS raster map. Users can run \textit{r.in.swisstopo} from the command line, which provides the means to do automated script runs over a large number of input files. Alternatively, a graphical user interface is provided as well, which provides a more comfortable way of working with the module.\\
The new module has been tested on an example dataset of digital elevation data of the Matterhorn area in Switzerland, provided by swisstopo free of charge. All three file formats supported by \textit{r.in.swisstopo}, could be imported without any problems.


Swisstopo, DEM, digital elevation model, import, Grass GIS

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