Gestural Interaction with Spatiotemporal Linked Open Data

Thomas Bartoschek, Gerald Pape, Christian Kray, Tomi Kauppinen


Exploring complex spatiotemporal data can be very challenging for non-experts. Recently, gestural interaction has emerged as a promising option, which has been successfully applied to various domains, including simple map control. In this paper, we investigate whether gestures can be used to enable non-experts to explore and understand complex spatiotemporal phenomena. In this case study we made use of large amounts of Linked Open Data about the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and related ecological, economical and social factors.
The results of our study indicate that people of all ages can easily learn gestures and successfully use them to explore the visualized and aggregated spatiotemporal data about the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.


Gestural interaction, spatiotemporal phenomena, Linked Open Data

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