GRASS GIS, Star Trek and old Video Tape

Peter Heinz Löwe, Jana Neumann, Margret Plank, Frauke Ziedorn, Robert Lazar, James Westervelt, Roger Inman


This paper discusses the need for the preservation of audiovisual content in the OSGeo communities beyond the established software repositories. Audiovisual content related to OSGeo projects such as training videos can be preserved by multimedia archiving and retrieval services which are currently developed by the library community. This is demonstrated by the reference case of a newly discovered version of the GRASS GIS 1987 promotional video which is being
included into the AV-portal of the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB). Access to the video will be provided upon the release of
the web-based portal, allowing for extended search capabilities based on enhanced metadata derived by automated video analysis. This is a reference case for future preservation activities regarding semanticenhanced Web2.0 content from OSGeo projects


GRASS GIS; OSGeo; digital preservation; educational material; audio visual media; Youtube; GRASS 1987 promotional video; Digital Object Identifiers; audiovisual history; screen casts; Web 2.0; Multimedia retrieval

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