Community Flexibility

Tyler Mitchell


Working on this Journal is always enjoyable because
you get to see, first-hand, the various kinds of
projects and ideas going through the minds of those
in our communities. It is also exciting to see the
breadth of developments happening both inside and
outside of OSGeo.
Volume 2 continues to capture these varied perspectives
from open source communities around the
world. The content in this volume is slightly different
than the previous one â?? it has a focus on case
studies and local chapter updates. We have also
added a section for highlighting commentary from
OSGeo sponsors â?? a place to describe their interest/
involvement in open source or talk about ideas
theyâ??d like to share with the broader community.
There are still the standard project introductions, topical
studies, news and announcement sections.
The next volume will be focused on publishing
the proceedings from the FOSS4G 2007 conference.
If you are a conference presenter and would like to
submit a paper for this next edition, please contact
me. If you will be at FOSS4G, please stop by the OSGeo
booth and say hello.
We are still collecting general articles for the next
volume and will publish them if space permits. I
invite you to contact me directly about any article,
news, report, etc. that you could contribute to future
volumes. I am especially interested in Case Studies
and Event Reports that help us to see what people
are doing.
Continual change is one way to describe the open
source geospatial community. Since I am not averse
to change I see this as one of our greatest strengths.
Iâ??m interested in hearing from you. Your comments,
suggestions and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.
We are always looking for more volunteers to
help proof-read, tweak LaTeX, improve layout/design
and edit articles.
A special thank you to the OSGeo Francophone
Chapter for translating Volume 1 into French. And
as always, thank you to the rest of the Editorial team,
proof-readers and more than 33 contributors to this
Enjoy the articles!

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