Porting a GRASS raster module to distributed computing Examples for MPI and Ninf-G

Shamim Akhter, Yann Chemin, Kento Aida


Satellite imagery provides a large amount of useful
information. To extract this information and understand
them may require huge computing power
and processing time. Distributed computing can reduce
the processing time by providing more computational
power. GRASS, an open source software, has
been used for processing the satellite images. To let
the GRASS modules benefit from distributed computing,
an example module r.vi is ported in both
MPI (r.vi.mpi) and Ninf-G (r.vi.grid) programming
modules. Their implementation methodologies
are the main discussion issue of this paper which
will guide the basic way of representing any GRASS
raster module in distributed platform. Additionally,
a comparative study on modified r.vi, r.vi.mpi
and r.vi.grid is presented here.

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