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The creation of the Francophone Local Chapter
(OSGeo-fr) started in October 2006, following the
FOSS4G 2006 meeting in Lausanne. As of July 2007,
we are close to its creation and about to send a proposal
to the OSGeo Board (expected in July or August
Since October, a huge work in the Francophone
mailing list 1 has been performed in order to share
ideas about the missions of the local chapter. The
Francophone local chapter missions are now separated
into three main committees: organisation, open
geodata and open source software. For each committee,
a chair will manage communication between
contributors and will send information to the local
chapter about the progress of the project.
Some other important details need to be clarified,
i.e. how OSGeo-fr is organized (only the main structure
is currently drawn), how to manage and hold
elections? etc. This is the main purpose of the new
local board which has been elected at the end of june
(see subsection below).
During this time some small projects has been engaged:
â?¢ OSGeo got a booth in an Open Source village
at the main geospatial tradeshow in
France (see http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.
â?¢ we translated a document which presents OSGeo
missions and projects,
â?¢ we ran a poll to discover peopleâ??s motivations
and to know whether they would be consumers
or actors in the upcoming Francophone
local chapter,
â?¢ we initiated the translation work of the OSGeo
Journal Vol. 1.

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