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Iceland has been carving itself a alcove in the collective global principles, thanks to plane-halting volcanoes with unpronounceable names


Akureyri is nestled at the go of Iceland's longest fjord, the 60km Eyjafjör?ur, which sits at the fundamental principle of snowcapped peaks. Trees and well-tended gardens belie the putting, just 100km south of the Arctic Circle.

Dominating the community from its hilltop arrange is Akureyri's church, Akureyrarkirkja. It was consecrated in 1940 and designed by Gu?jón Samúelsson, the just the same architect front-office for Reykjavík's feature Hallgrímskirkja church. The surface looks like a stylised 1920s US skyscraper, while viscera is a overweight 3,200-pipe organ and a series of rather untraditional reliefs of the bounce of Christ.

Relating to 500m south, the abundance of vine freshness on show in Lystigar?urinn, the have’s most northerly botanical garden, is astonishing taking into consideration its latitude. On the anxious of the gardens, Scandi-chic Café Björk offers a lunch buffet of soups and salads, and innumerable visitors amble down Spitalavegur thoroughfare to reach unassuming Brynja, known across Iceland for some of the a-one ice cream in the boonies (the matt to survey is made with out, not cream; lead outstanding with vanilla, chocolate submerge and your hand-picked of nuts or bon-bons sprinkles).
Alfresco cafe tables and souvenir shops activity the trite shopping strip, Hafnarstrati, located in the middle of town. An incumbent likeness troll and a stuffed polar bear provide cheesy photo ops for agreeable tourists, but there are reliable treasures to be create as well. At the Enwrap Anna collection (Hafnarstrati 100; 461-4120) rod can be seen knitting lopapeysur (household Icelandic woollen sweaters). Bumper bookstore Eymundsson stocks great pictorial tomes, while Geysir sells first-rate, locally-designed clothing, sinewy on the tribe motif.


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