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Player Reps Sign Deal to End Lockout

"Football is back."

So said National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell after the NFL and player representatives reached an agreement on a framework for a collective bargaining agreement that ends a nearly fivemonthlong labor lockout, according to ESPN.

Goodell emphatic announcment came after [url=]real authentic nfl jerseys are made in[/url] executive board members of the decertified NFL Players Association and player representatives from all 32 teams unanimously approved a detailed tenyear labor and revenuesharing pact Monday.

While the executive committee representing players was knowledgeable about the deal contained at the time the owners voted, he says, most of the rank and file were not familiar with the agreement details.

Levy adds that no one directly involved in the talks should have been suprised about what the owners voted on because everything contained in the 200page, singlespaced document was the product of intensive negotiations over a period of weeks, if not months.

A playerside source close to the talks says that the initial outcry from players was prompted by the fact that a handful of major issues remained unresolved at the time of the owners vote. Hashing those issues out over the weekend involved final negotiations that pulled in representatives of management and players, lawyers on both sides, and Goodell.

Among the last major sticking points, according to the playerside source: injuryprotection insurance coverage, [url=]authentic nfl jerseys big and tall[/url] worker compensation benefits, and the 2011 freeagency calendar. Negotiations continued until early Monday morning, with both sides poring over any possible ambiguities or necessary clarifications until everyone was satisfied, this source adds. agreement reached does not include an optout clause, which means the sides will not be able to scrap the deal to renegotiate midway through and risk another lockout [url=]authentic nfl jerseys wholesale free shipping[/url] within the next decade. Other notable features of the agreement include a $120 million salary cap for each team, higher minimum salaries, and a new wage scale for rookies that is aimed at cutting down on top draft picks getting huge contracts.

With the lockout over, players are to begin reporting to training camp the week, where they will vote on whether or not to recertify the NFLPA as a union. Once that has happened, the NFLPA and the owners will have to finalize the actual collective bargaining agreement by August 4. The CBA will fold in issues that were not a part of the labor agreement approved Monday such as disability benefits, the league disciplinary process, and the substanceabuse policy.

ESPN speculated that lawyers working on the two sides of the lockout have earned hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees in total during the process. A managementside source called that figure wildly overstated and said the final figure would more likely be in "the millions."


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