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by 12 jsnjl jsnjl tdbjdMW (2013-09-16)

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Storm initiates fires in Chester Latest News EagleTribune

A strong band of thunderstorms swept [url=]ugg boots black Friday[/url] across new hampshire late yesterday afternoon, [url=]ugg boots sale[/url] Knocking out power to tens of thousands, Setting off alarm systems and sparking several fires.

Six local fire divisions, adding Derry, [url=]ugg boots for sale[/url] taken care of immediately 191 Chester St. In Chester for a reported brush fire that became a lightning strike [url=]ugg boots on sale[/url] on several small abandoned buildings.

Chester fire Chief Rich Antoine said the complexes, Which he described as remnants of an old sawmill operation, Were about 200 yards into the woods after dark roadway behind 191 Chester St. The buildings were messed up.

There was a brush fire elsewhere in Chester at on the same time, But Derry Fire unit handled that, Antoine suggested.

when it comes to Salem, start Capt. Steve McKenna said the dept,system received numerous calls, But there were no significant problems. turbo struck a transformer on Main Street, Causing a small number of outages.

Derry police and fire reported treats like downpours and alarm activations. Windham and Pelham fire sections, identical, documented no storm damage.

Unitil reported the most heavy outages in the Concord area and along the coast, plus also in Newton and Atkinson. PSNH had numerous outages contained in the southern and central parts [url=]ugg boots black friday sale[/url] of the state.

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