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Teacher faced with Assault After Allegedly Scratching Student

A teacher is faced with assault after allegedly scratching a student.

Heidi Lovensheimer, 46, Is arrested with assault after [url=]ugg black friday 2013[/url] a student reported that he was scratched by her two weeks ago.

About a dozen people showed up at the Adena Local Schools Board of Education meeting Tuesday night with the intent of asking about the status of a first grade teacher accused of assaulting a student.

That's when the open meeting was taken in today's world.

It was nearly two weeks ago that 7yearold Brayden Baker told 10TV the particular day he says his teacher grabbed him by the face.

"She came as many as me, She grabbed it and squeezed it, She put her nose upwards of my face and said, You better listen, he said.

His family showed 10TV a photo of visible scratches on [url=]ugg 2013[/url] the boy neck and face they said were a result of his teacher actions.

that same day, Adena Elementary's Principal told 10TV that the teacher had been removed from the classroom pending the outcome of an investigation.

But mother and say after two days, She was cut back, [url=]ugg black friday deals 2013[/url] And Tuesday night they came before the school board with questions.

"She was brought back to school, So the investigation must have been finished. What were their findings, Asked mom and dad Rachel Allen, "At least [url=]ugg boots 2013[/url] address it with the oldsters. we are all aware about it. we start to use answers,

When Brayden's granny stood to speak, Board President Michelle Bowdle told her the discussion would have to move in today's world.

"Because you want to share with you a complaint against an employee, we simply cannot do that during a regular board meeting. We can only do that during business session, considered that Bowdle.

The board only allowed one person at a time, Leaving others waiting and exhausted.

"We asked them if we could go in [url=]ugg black friday sale 2013[/url] as a family. They didn't let us do that, Said Brayden mother Ashley Baker.

The boy nanna Tawnya Dalehite said she wanted to discuss the matter in a public meeting.

Feel that it must be public. They need to remember this, what's going on in their school,

Superintendent Dave Warne said the move was on counsel of lawyers.

He refused to respond to questions from 10TV Glenn McEntyre, Except to acknowledge the teacher had been cut back, But wouldn't be in class for at least the next three days.

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