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by 69 wkef wkef waagKA (2013-09-17)

In response to Christie’s reports in which the painting like a pro probably will sell for 5 upto 7 mil pounds.

Terry sibel

I had been getting yourself ready for last weekend for weeks, Working through what I could [url=]ugg black friday sale 2013[/url] say and do to make our people proud. How do you prepare to speak about the greatest Canadian who ever lived? How do you elevate to meet the process? Knowing the Fox family for over 30 years made recently even more special; It was an honour and privilege to share the stage with Betty and Rolly Fox.

The Saturday morning going on a very sad note; Erin and I attended a funeral for a family friend who died of cancer far ahead of time. on the other hand, It was a strong reminder of Terry's Dream to find an end to cancer.

Saturday morning, Parks Canada and the City of Port Coquitlam hosted an event commemorating the national Historic Significance of [url=]ugg black friday 2013[/url] Terrance (Terry) Stanley monk. I was honoured to speak for the City of Port Coquitlam. The night before I was reading my speech to Erin, We both thought that my message needed to be from the heart and send a strong message about the impact Terry has made on our community. thereby, thursday morning we made some changes.

I spoke about the influence of Terry on all residents of Port Coquitlam who are proud to share with you the hometown of Terry Fox. The impact the statue outside Terry Fox Senior [url=]ugg 2013[/url] Secondary has had on the scholars and the teams who wear a Terry Fox [url=]ugg boots 2013[/url] jersey. I credited the Fox Family for there ongoing dedication, And the staff and volunteers at the Terry Fox Foundation offices who have each raised nearly $500 million. I concluded my comments that business people are a part of Terry's team and it is up to each of us to donate more money to find a cure for Cancer. Next was considered Betty Fox. I don't think I have ever followed a speech from Betty that has [url=]ugg black friday deals 2013[/url] not made me cry, Her words and emotion bring back Terry so that is real. billy Moore, Our MP and Minister of Heritage and Official Languages concluded the appearance. We presented the plaque, Which will be placed when face-to-face with City Hall.

After the Parks Canada event deal the Terry Fox Great Canadian Headshave. This year 20 people raised money by shaving their head of hair off. You might in which last year my daughter Madison shaved her hair and raised $4,600.00. A few weeks ago we received a call from Donna White from the Terry Fox office telling us that the right was coming forward this year to shave his head to raise money and Madison was his inspiration he thought if a 9 year old girl can do it, So could he and ultimately raised $1,700.00, And he and Madison was able to meet each other. Erin and I are proud of Madison and the impact she made.

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