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by 29 vhybowWm vhybowWm hipykjTmXN (2013-09-23)

In response to Christie’s reports in which the painting like a pro probably will sell for 5 upto 7 mil pounds.

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[url=]wholesale Brady jersey[/url] Doug Garrison, a spokesman for the Indiana Department of Correction, also declined to comment.The lone corrections officer facing charges, Jon Dobbins, worked at another prison, the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in southwestern Indiana. The indictment alleges he was found possession of nearly 21 grams of a substance containing meth, and had a cellphone that he intended to bring into the prison and leave with an inmate.Dobbins didn have a listed phone number in Indiana, according to phone records. Horty confirmed that Dobbins was the only correctional officer named in the indictment, but he declined further comment.The Indiana Department of Correction issued a statement saying it has been cooperating with the FBI since the investigation began and that that department uncovered the evidence that led to Dobbins.actions of the small number of any IDOC correctional employees who may have facilitated these illegal activities brings dishonor to them and tarnishes the good name and professionalism of the vast majority of IDOC employees, the department statement said..They have set up a stand at the Okay Flea Market. Business has been slow so far, said Lisa Drain, one of the adults working at the stand Saturday. The stand had three customers by noon Saturday, with each of them making purchases of $10 or less.

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