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Adderall Used By 'About Half The League' UPDATED

Speaking to Mike Beamish of the Vancouver Sun, the Seahawks' AllPro cornerback said that "about half the league takes [Adderall] and the league has to allow it."

Whether half the league uses the prescription stimulant or not, Adderall has become a frequent excuse among players suspended for failing drug tests. Since the beginning of the 2011 season, at least 10 suspended players have publicly blamed their positive drug tests on using Adderall, according to the Associated Press.

"It's not a secret that it's a societal trend," NFL Senior Vice President of Law Labor Policy Adolpho Birch told the Associated Press in November 2012. "I think we're starting to see some of the effects of that trend."

Entering December of the 2012 NFL season, seven players who were suspended during the season had publicly blamed Adderall for positive tests or had been linked to the stimulant by media reports, according to the New York Times,.

Sherman and teammate Brandon Browner were given fourgame suspensions by the NFL in November of last year after testing positive for performance enhancing substances, which was reportedly Adderall. Sherman appealed the suspension, arguing that [url=]nfl jerseys wholesale[/url] the chain of custody of his urine sample was broken, and won.

"The league made a mistake in my case," Sherman told the Vancouver Sun. "Obviously, I didn't do anything, but you have to go through a process to prove you didn't do anything. There are still naysayers out there who don't believe me. But I accept it.

UPDATE: Richard Sherman backtracked on his comments while appearing on NFL AM on Thursday morning.

"I didn't say that," Sherman said, via ProFootballTalk. What I said was, There's a bunch of guys in the league on prescription for Adderall, so what you know, I've never seen people get prescribed a performanceenhancing drug, you know what I mean?"

He also said he didn't say "about half the league" uses Adderall and claimed he has never used it.

Mike Beamish told ProFootballTalk that he stands by his reporting and even sent a transcript of his interview.

The Vancouver Sun even posted a video of Sherman's conversation with Beamish.

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I take Adderall. When taking the drug it causes electrical stimulus to the brain to gain focus. The downside is I can take a nap after I take it and it actually slows my blood pressure down. Not a drug I personally would take to play a professional sport. will experience the exact opposite of what I feel. Very hyper and quick to motion and staying very alert and active. If they did it would hurt their performance in football because of what is required on the field.

Did my fair share of drugs in the late 70's and early 80's. Done most but never Heroin. Haven't done any in 30 years. A friend has a child with ADHD. We were golfing and he gave me half a Adderall and said it would improve my game. I shot the best round of my life, why? Because it gives you the most intense focus like never before, it gives energy and and confidence but not with the jitters of speed. I can definitely see why ANY athlete could use this to their advantage. There were no side affects and no crash. Lasted about 6 hours. I can guarantee you this is being used by a lot of athletes in a lot of sports. This will be exposed sooner than later. Remember this post.

Obetrol AKA adderall was prescribed for weight control in the 1950 to the 1990's .

Death caused by DUI under alcohol is 9,878 per MADD data year 2011

And 100% are [url=]mlb jerseys cheap[/url] on undetectable HGH, and another 50% are on some kind of steroid. You can't get so freakishly big, muscular, lean and powerful without it. Not to the extent the current generation is physically at. But it's football. I don't think the American public really cares if these guys juice or not. I just hope [url=]wholesale jerseys usa[/url] they don't start suing the NFL in 20 years and blame the league for all their health problems arising from PED's. "Oh, the league knew we were taking PED's, and they knew it was dangerous, but [url=]mlb jerseys[/url] they didn't do enough to stop us"! Sound familiar?

Ugh, I hate how this drug, which can actually be useful for some people, is so abused and overused. I actually have ADHD, and take Adderall for it my ADHD was interfering with my life both personally and professionally, and Adderall doesn't take it away but it makes it easier to control. And I didn't just go get a prescription. I did a whole battery of cognitive testing, then repeated the testing with medication and the difference was staggering. I also modified my diet and added daily exercise, and it also helped that I chose a career path (elementary education) where I am up and about, and mentally stimulated most of the day instead of sitting at a desk doing repetitive things. But still, the medication is very beneficial for me. And when people overuse and abuse it, it becomes somewhat of a joke. ADHD is a real condition and thanks to doctors who will just prescribe meds to anyone, nobody takes it seriously anymore.


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