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Aces in the pack

He is grateful to the new Dublin boss, admitting it's "nice to be wanted as a sportsman", and even more thankful that his one [url=]wholesale usa jerseys[/url] disciplinary blemish against Mayo last month didn't have damaging personal consequences.

Gavin's faith has been repaid, never more obviously than in Dublin's Allianz League semifinal against Mayo (ironically) when Brennan was a driving force from centreback [url=]china wholesale jerseys[/url] in their sixpoint victory.

With Sunday's Division One decider against Tyrone just four days away, he now stands on the cusp of a first league medal. The St Vincent's man has started seven of Dublin's eight [url=]cheap nhl jerseys[/url] NFL outings the only one he missed, against Kildare, was enforced by a onematch suspension resulting from that 'red mist' moment against Mayo.

Well, how did that go?

"I think the evidence will show it didn't go quite well!" he says, laughing out loud at the chastening experience. "Ah no, it was a great challenge for me to mark somebody like Stephen O'Neill.

"I'm certainly more comfortable further out the field, that's where I've played most of my football."

He doesn't [url=]mlb jerseys cheap[/url] shirk responsibility for the red card against Mayo, when he got embroiled with both Michael Conroy and Donal Vaughan.

"Very much disappointed in myself and very much grateful to the team for pulling the victory out of the bag, which kind of helped how I was feeling after the game," he recalls.

"It's not good to be letting yourself down or the team down like that. I suppose Gaelic games is quite a physical game, there are times when things can get a bit boiled over the top, and that has happened to me here and there. But yeah, stuff happens and you just try to work on it for the next day so it doesn't happen."

Brennan has enjoyed not just the opportunity to start so many games under a new Dublin boss, his third, but also a greater attacking latitude than when he was asked to play a more holding role under his clubmate, Pat Gilroy.

"In team sport you are a resource, and as soon as you're used up the next man steps in. So, Jim has given me opportunities in the O'Byrne Cup and certainly in the league, and I'd like to think I've taken each one as best I could," he reasons.

"I guess it's more of an open role at present . but there's nothing set in stone just yet," he adds. "At the moment there is more freedom maybe to support the attack in comparison to when I was playing with Giller I think they'd an ankle strap on me, so I couldn't go any further than the halfway line! But in fairness, he won an AllIreland like that too, and I played a similar role when we won the club AllIreland as well in 2008."Brennan's ability to drive into opposition territory and pick a pass was there to be seen in the semifinal. "When I would have come onto the senior panel with Dublin first, that's how I would have naturally played. And coming from a rugby background too, trying to break the line was something I would have always done," the school teacher reflects.

"So, particularly Pat when he was managing, there were more tactics involved, there was more structure maybe to how he wanted me to play. And the team is bigger than any player, so you need to buy into the philosophy of the manager."

He disputes the notion that Dublin's halfback resources run deeper than ever before, recalling a similar level of competition when they won the AllIreland in 2011.

But with James McCarthy and Kevin Nolan back in the frame after last weekend's challenge match against Galway, he admits there is "an extra push to drive forward this week and try to nail my spot down for the final".

"That's what happened in previous Dublin managements maybe the celebrations, the nights out, the fame, the glory. We've now concentrated on football under Pat Gilroy and Jim.".


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