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In response to Christie’s reports in which the painting like a pro probably will sell for 5 upto 7 mil pounds.

[url=][/url] Residents in the Northeast braced for further heavy rain and flooding if we do towns were hit in doing what meteorologists called once-in-a-lifetime storms.Severe storms using the potential for more heavy downpours were forecast in On the internet services, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland on Wednesday. Rainfall could reach over 2 inches per hour, the National Weather Service said."That's up to Mother Nature," said Glenn Nickerson, who assisted with flood plan coordination in Burlington County, N.J. "All we could do is make sure Emergency Services is prepared."On Tuesday, N.J. Gov. James E. McGreevey known as a state of emergency in two counties and lawmakers asked President Bush to declare parts of southern New Jersey a federal disaster area.No serious injuries were reported, though the rains damaged hundreds of houses, stranded cars, breached small dams and forced untold numbers of road closings.The storm dumped over 13 inches of rain in the 12-hour period in Burlington County, situated in southern New Jersey. It was viewed as a 1,000-year storm, the National Weather Service said.Roads are closed and sinkholes snarled traffic, and many small dams gave way, reports CBS News Correspondent Mika Brzezinski, forcing water up and around Dave Carvin's front porch in Lumberton, N.J. "The dams broke, three dams broke, so you've a lake that is elevated, draining, so you have a lake draining in addition to 11 inches of rain," Carvin said.About 100 those who fled the rising waters in New Jersey remained homeless. Tim and Peggy Welch evacuated their loved ones in the middle of the night."We got the girls up and pretty soon the front door opened and the water started to arrive, and we said 'we gotta get outta here,'" said Tim Welch. He expects the home in Lumberton to be a total loss."In only a few hours, it happens to you," said Welch. "But, we've safe."The National Guard is protecting the location, reports Brzezinski, and there is severe damage to the town's infrastructure. More rain is anticipated Wednesday.Smyrna, Del., received over 11 inches of rain, possibly so that it is a 500-year storm, the weather service said.In Maryland, flood waters damaged about 80 homes, and road flooding and bridge damage closed major highways and secondary roads, tying up traffic through much of the day. Crews worked to more than 100 trees downed in Elk Neck State Park and the nearby state forest.Tammy Spiese was looking to clear debris on her property near Reading, Pa., when rising water carried her into a drainage pipe. She had to get pulled out by her husband plus a police officer."I was in the water approximately my neck," Spiese said. "It was extremely effective and I had to hold onto the rocks above."
[url=]Gucci Outlet Store, 60% Off Gucci Handbags For Sale[/url] The Federal Reserve, not wanting to upset the cost-effective recovery, held a main short-term rate of interest at a 45-year low on Wednesday.Overall a two-day meeting — the first regularly scheduled session of this year — Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and his colleagues left the federal funds rate unchanged at 1 percent.The funds rate, the interest that banks charge each other on overnight loans, may be the Fed's primary tool for influencing the economy. The Fed lowered the funds rate to its current 1 percent level in June along with the rate hasn't budged since then.However, the Fed used some new language in its statement Wednesday, saying "with inflation incredibly comptitive ... the committee believes that it may be patient in removing its policy accommodation."That's different wording from previous statements if the Fed said that it had leeway to maintain short-term rates low for a "considerable period" — an expression that it had been using since August.The Fed declared that since its last meeting in December, economic reports suggest that the economy is "expanding briskly." It added that "although new hiring remains subdued, other indicators suggest a vast improvement in the labor market."The Fed's decision to go out of the funds rate alone means commercial banks' prime lending rate for most short-term consumer and business loans remains at 4 percent, the lowest level in more than 40 years.An environment of super-low short-term borrowing costs may give consumers and businesses a motivation to spend and invest more, boosting economic growth.Despite improvements within the national economy, jobseekers still find it nearly impossible to find work and businesses aren't yet firing on all cylinders.The nation's payrolls grew by a minuscule 1,000 in December, raising new concerns in regards to the fragile state of the labor market. The unemployment rate dipped to.7 percent, but that was due to the fact thousands of prospective workers threw in the towel looking.The economy has lost 2.3 million jobs since President Bush took office in January 2001. Obama believes a stronger economy may lead to more jobs. Democrats point to the job losses as evidence what they say are the president's failed economic policies.Analysts are hopeful that stronger job growth is going to take place later this year as businesses feel more confident in the economy and see their bottom lines improve.Using this backdrop, some economists predict the Fed leaves rates alone throughout this season and into 2005. That might be good news for America's borrowers and consumer-sensitive industries like housing. New-home sales set an archive high for all of 2003, the federal government reported Wednesday.
[url=]ugg mini[/url] Federal prosecutors charged the son of the late Gambino boss John Gotti with multiple crimes including looking to kill Curtis Sliwa, the outspoken founding father of the Guardian Angels crime-fighting group, in 1992.John A. Gotti, often known as "Junior," is scheduled to be released from prison in September after serving a 1999 sentence for racketeering. In the federal indictment unsealed Thursday, he was charged together with three other alleged members or associates with the Gambino organized crime family.Charges from the four include murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping, conspiracy to commit securities fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, extortion and illegal gambling.If convicted, the 40-year-old Gotti could face 130 years in prison.It was not immediately clear what attack on Sliwa the indictment described. In April 1992, police said he was attacked by three bat-wielding boys, leaving him with a broken hand plus an injured scalp. Two months later, he was shot twice whilst in a cab, and was hospitalized for internal injuries and leg wounds.Sliwa, inside a phone interview Thursday, blamed both incidents for the Gottis, citing his criticism of the elder Gotti. "Now the true culprit is going to have to face me in court, and I can't wait to stare at him from the witness stand," Sliwa said. "He had his thugs on two separate occasions attack me for speaking out against his father and his awesome degenerate crime family."Prosecutors would release details about the charges later Thursday at the news conference in Manhattan.Gotti's attorney, Richard Rehbock, said he'd no information about the new charges.One other defendants named in the indictment were alleged Gambino crime family soldiers Joseph "Little Joey" D'Angelo and Michael "Mikey Y" Yannotti, as well as family associate Louis "Louie Black" MarianiGotti filed case in May claiming the government Bureau of Prisons rejected his bid to maneuver from prison to a halfway house because of bias against his family name. Gotti said in court papers that he was being trapped in prison in part because of his "father's notoriety together with the criminal justice system."The elder Gotti, referred to as "Teflon Don," was convicted of murder and racketeering in 1992 and sentenced alive in prison. He died of throat cancer inside a prison hospital in 2002.Sliwa founded the Guardian Angels in 1979, gaining renown and aggravating officialdom using the group's citizen arrests on subway trains and flair for self-promotion. Sliwa, that's also a personality on WABC radio in Nyc, acknowledged years ago that he had manufactured some of his most dramatic early exploits.By Larry McShane
[url=]ugg boots short[/url] Britain's royal bad boy, Prince Harry, could have added to that reputation as he approached his graduation in the prestigious Sandhurst military college.And, observes CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips, as graduation ceremonies go, they do not come much tonier than the one held Wednesday.With the head of the guest list, the queen herself. There, Harry's father, Prince Charles, who's first in line for the throne, and Harry's stepmother, Camilla, now a totally paid-up member of the royal club.The rare gathering of the whole clan witnessed Harry's fainting, as it's called. He just completed his officer training program at the famous academy.According to Phillips, the occasionally wayward prince was shipped to Sandhurst not only to get his officer's commission, but to be straightened out. And, adds Phillips, by most accounts, it's worked."Harry have done incredibly well at Sandhurst," says columnist Dominik Diamond. "He's gonna pass with flying colors and become a second lieutenant in the household cavalry. It really does have straightened him out in plenty of ways."Harry's training took in all aspects of the military experience with a stress, officials say, on developing leadership skills. He'll command a reconnaissance unit of 12 men.But, Phillips says, it was Harry's recent reconnaissance mission with other cadets with a nearby strip joint which includes gotten him his most recent headlines.Two newspapers reported that Harry joined friends to have an end-of-training celebration last Friday with a lap dancing club. The Daily Mirror and also the Sun claimed Harry watched dancers at the Spearmint Rhino nightclub in Slough, near Windsor Castle west in london.Prince Charles' office at Clarence Office declined to discuss the report.How that every played with Harry's girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, who flew in from Africa for the graduation ball, is unclear, Phillips notes.In advance of him, Harry has more training, on this occasion with real bullets, before joining his unit and a life of potential danger within the army, Phillips says.Where might he turn out?"Iraq, Kosovo, Northern Ireland. Effectively, wherever there is a conflict. Any military unit might be sent if it's their consider go," says Captain Al Steele, a platoon commander at Sandhurst.Harry has spoken of his determination to take a place on the front line alongside his colleagues if called.But, Phillips indicates, his household cavalry regiment also has frequent ceremonial duties, presenting some amusing potential developments.Says Diamond: "It's employed to guard the royal family. So you may have this potentially bizarre situation of Prince Harry being forced to guard his own grandmother or perhaps, one day, his own brother."
[url=]classic ugg boots[/url] Senate Democrats blocked John Bolton's confirmation as U.N. ambassador for that second time Monday and President Bush left open the potential for bypassing lawmakers and appointing the tough-talking former State Department official on his own.The vote was 54-38, six shy with the total needed to force one last vote on Bolton, and represented an erosion in support from last month's failed Republican effort. Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, who voted in May to succeed the nomination, switched positions and urged Bush to take into account another candidate.The setback left Bush facing stark choices — most of which could leave him appearing weak at a time he is facing sagging poll numbers and fighting lame-duck status 6 months into his final term.Only three Democrats sided with all the White House and voted to end debate on the nomination. One, Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., asked whether Bush should exercise his capacity to give Bolton a temporary appointment without confirmation, said, "I would like it not happen, but it is the president's prerogative."Bush has the strength to install Bolton during the Senate's upcoming July 4 recess. The so-called recess appointment would only last over the next one-year session of Congress — in Bolton's case until January 2007, reports CBS News Correspondent Gloria Borger.Should Bush decide against that, he could withdraw the nomination or authorize further concessions to Democrats who will be demanding access to information, a number of it classified, about Bolton before they stop stalling.And before the vote, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., predicted the Senate would block the nomination again — leaving Bush inside a ticklish situation."The president will have to make up your mind whether he wants to send this flawed candidate for the United Nations," Reid said.The Democrats vowed to close the vote until the administration exclaimed about some documents Bolton got from an intelligence agency as he was at the State department. CBS' Borger reports the Democrats are very concerned that John Bolton might have been effectively spying, not only on his subordinates but additionally on some of his bosses.CBS News has learned that one name they're very wondering something about is the former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Powell and Bolton often disagreed on policy, and also the Democrats have Powell's name on the list and they say we want to know if John Bolton wanted to know more about Colin Powell's conversations as well as the conversations of others that he disagreed. no previous page next 1/2
[url=][/url] R&B star R. Kelly, accused of videotaping sex acts having a 13-year-old girl, pleaded innocent to 21 counts of kid pornography on Wednesday.Kelly, whose name is Robert, made no statement at his arraignment. "I can't talk right this moment," he told The Associated Press throughout his way out of the courtroom.But he smiled and waved to fans who lined the corridor in the Cook County Courthouse, most of whom wore T-shirts reading "R. Kelly We Luv You."In a meeting May 8 on Black Entertainment Television's "BET Tonight with Ed Gordon," Kelly claimed the costs are a blackmail scheme. Black Entertainment Television and CBS News are part of Viacom.One of his attorneys told reporters the Grammy-winning singer is innocent."If I needed 20 toes and 20 fingers, I can count the number of times the FBI has become wrong in the last year, and also this would be 21," he stated.Kelly, 35, who has been dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct in civil lawsuits, was indicted by the Cook County grand jury June 5.Cook County State's Attorney Richard Devine states the video was made in November 1997 or later and that the girl was born in September 1984.If convicted, Kelly, who lives in the Chicago suburb Olympia Fields, may be sentenced to 15 years in prison and fined $100,000.The singer has denied he could be the man on the tape, while defense attorney Edward Genson claims that the woman on the tape has not been younger than 18 during the time the video was made. According to legislation enforcement source, the parents from the girl claim it's not their daughter in the video.Kelly's arrest followed an exploration in which about 50 witnesses were interviewed before determining the tape showed Kelly with an underage girl, according to Chicago police and Cook County prosecutors. FBI forensics experts analyzed the tape and concluded it turned out authentic, they said.Kelly has been sued at least four times; three with the lawsuits involved allegations of underage sex. She has acknowledged settling two of those lawsuits, but his lawyers have said they'll fight the third. The fourth was filed by the woman who claims he taped their sexual encounters without her knowledge.An area minister who has led an anti-R. Kelly campaign looked at Kelly's supporters cheering outside the courthouse, reports Bernie Tafoya of CBS Station WBBM-AM, and said he wasn't surprised, given today's moral decline.The singer is known for hits ranging from the Grammy-winning inspirational anthem "I Believe I will Fly" to sexually charged songs like "Bump 'n' Grind," "Feelin' on Yo Booty" and "Your Body's Callin."'A week ago, R. Kelly released a fresh song to Chicago radio station WGCI-FM. Within the song, "Heaven, I Need A Hug," he knocks his detractors and says he hopes to regain his fans' support.


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