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Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Russia good-neighborly Senate approved the treaty of alliance

Astana, October 23 (Reporter Wangxiu Jun) 23, Kazakhstan Senate (upper house of parliament) approved the "21st Century Russia, Kazakhstan Good-Neighborly Treaty of Friendship and Alliance."

November 2013, Kazakhstan, the louboutin outlet Russian president in Yekaterinburg, louboutin outlet Russia and China signed such treaties. The treaty aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation in politics, economy, trade, science and technology, energy and military technology and other fields. According to the treaty, the future of the two countries will consolidate the Customs Union of equality, voluntary and mutually beneficial basis and to promote the principles of the Eurasian integration process.

Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Idrisov (Idrisov) the day the treaty in the Senate speech as "one of the basic documents of bilateral cooperation." He believes that "the 21st century, Russia and Kazakhstan Good-Neighborly Treaty of Friendship and Alliance" will strengthen bilateral political louboutin pas cher dialogue on hot issues, and lay the foundation for the nike tn prezzo further development of bilateral strategic partnership.

1st of this month, the treaty has been Kazakh horse Day Aires (lower house of parliament) passed. At present, the treaty will be submitted to the approval of the President of the country. Once approved by the President, louboutin femme the treaty will enter into force in the territory of Kazakhstan. (End)


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