Volume 2, English

Table of Contents

The West Alexander Neighbourhood in Winnipeg - A Mapserver Case Study PDF
David A. Enns
FAO GeoNetwork in a Multinational Development Programme The Case of the Programme Against African Trypanosomiasis PDF
Giuliano Cecchi, Raffaele C. Mattioli
Brazilian Industrial Fishing Vessels Monitoring Program. A Practical Experience with Web Services and Webgis PDF
Rafael M. Sperb, Carlos H. Bughi, Adriana G. Alves, Luis E. Bonilha, Claudia R. Zagaglia, Roberto Warlich, Felipe L. Pereira, Tadeu E. D. Granemann, Jeferson Koslowski, Nataly P. da Silva
Community Flexibility PDF
Tyler Mitchell


Brief News from the OSGeo Community PDF
Jason Fournier


Events of the OSGeo India Chapter PDF
Ravi V. Kumar

Project Spotlight

Introducing the MapWindow GIS Project PDF
Daniel P. Ames, Christopher Michaelis, Ted Dunsford
GeoNetwork opensource Internationally Standardized Distributed Spatial Information Management PDF
Jeroen Ticheler, Jelle U. Hielkema

Topical Studies

Spatial Relationships in GIS - Geospatial Topology Basics PDF
Landon Blake

Developer Announcements

So simple to install deegree releases 2.1 demos as WAR archives PDF
Markus Lupp

Programming Tutorials

Porting a GRASS raster module to distributed computing Examples for MPI and Ninf-G PDF
Shamim Akhter, Yann Chemin, Kento Aida

Sponsor Perspectives

1Spatial: Spatial Data Quality and the Open Source Community PDF
Mike Sanderson, Graham Stickler, Steven Ramage
LizardTech: Why We Use and Support Free and Open Source Software An Informal But Earnest Manifesto PDF
Matthew Fleagle, Michael Gerlek

Local Community Reports

Local Community Reports Francophone Local Chapter Update PDF
Local Members Chapter


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