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Campos, Marcelo Vitor Amaral, Instituto Luterano de Ensino Superior de Porto Velho - ILES/ULBRA
Casagrande, Luca
Cavner, Jeffery A., Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas
Cavner, Jeffery A., University of Kansas (USA)
Cebecauer, Tomas, Joint Research Centre
Cecchi, Giuliano
Cepický, Jáchym
Cepicky, Ja¡chym
Chalainanont, Nirut, Oregon State University
Chapter, Local Members
Chemin, Yann
Chemin, Yann, International Centre of Water for Food Security (Australia)
Cherif, Ines, Arixtotle University of Thessaloniki
Conceição, Hugo, DCC-FC & LIACC, University of Porto
Cook, Jo, Oxford Archaeology North
Crocker, Charlie
Crocker,, Charlie
Cropper, Simon Christopher, Botanicus Australia Pty Ltd

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