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MacLennon, Micheal David, Sapient Ltd.
Marchionni, Brian, Idaho State University
Martarole, Thiago de Lima, Instituto Luterano de Ensino Superior de Porto Velho - ILES/ULBRA
Martin, Franck
Mattioli, Raffaele C.
Mergili, Martin, University of Innsbruck, Institute of Geography and Austrian Academy of Sciences, Mountain Research
Michael, Christopher
Michaelis, Christopher
Michalak, Anna M., Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences The University of Michigan
Minghini, Marco, Politecnico di Milano – DICA, Italy
Minoura, Toshimi, Oregon State University
Mitchell, Scott, Carleton University
Mitchell, Tyler, OSGeo
Mitchell, Tyler, Executive Director, OSGeo
Mitchell, Tyler
Mitchell, Tyler, OSGeo
Mitchell, Tyler, Executive Director, OSGeo Editor in chief, OSGeo Journal (Canada)
Molina Rodriguez, Raul Fernando, GeoBolivia (Bolivia)
Moreira, Pablo Filetti, System of Protection of Amazon - SIPAM
Moreno, Rafael, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies University of Colorado Denver
Morley, Jeremy, University of Nottingham (UK)
Müller, Markus
Müller, Markus, ..

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