A Modular Spatial-Temporal Modeling Environment for GIS

Brian Marchionni, Daniel Ames


Development of an open source modeling environment for use with spatial-temporal data in a Geographic Information System (GIS) is presented. To date, legacy versions of MapWindow have lacked an integrated modeling environment suitable for linking together independent geospatial and temporal processes at a granular level. This new modeling environment allows users to easily create models which can take advantage of spatial and temporal data objects and analytical tools. The design approach focuses on an ITool interface that serves as an independent point for the run-time discovery of geoprocessing extensions. The user interface is automatically generated by the modeler when their tool is instantiated based on parameter characteristics on the ITool interface. The design is also versatile, allowing processes to also be run through a more traditional method of adding a reference and calling the processes as functions programatically.


GIS, modeling, tools, toolbox

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