Volume 3 - FOSS4G 2007 Proceedings

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Table of Contents

OSGeo Journal Volume 3 - All Articles PDF
Tyler Mitchell
From the Editor PDF
Tyler Mitchell

Proceedings: Integration & Development

Portable GIS: GIS on a USB Stick PDF
Jo Cook 2
Automatic Generation of Web-Based GIS/Database Applications PDF
Nirut Chalainanont, Junya Sano, Toshimi Minoura
db4o2D - Object Database Extension for 2D Geospatial Types PDF
Stefan Keller
Google Summer of Code for Geoinformatics PDF
Jan Ježek

Proceedings: Topical Interest

A Generic Approach to Manage Metadata Standards PDF
Julien Barde, Duane Edgington, Jean-Christophe Desconnets
Towards Web Services Dedicated to Thematic Mapping PDF
Abson Sae-Tang, Olivier Ertz
Interoperability for 3D Geodata PDF
Hans Plum, Markus Lupp
A Model-Driven Web Feature Service for Enhanced Semantic Interoperability PDF
Peter Staub
Spatial-Yap: A Spatio-Deductive Database System PDF
David Vaz, Michel Ferreira

Proceedings: Case Studies

GRASS GIS and Modelling of Natural Hazards PDF
Martin Mergili, Wolfgang Fellin
A Spatial Database to Integrate Information of the Rondonia Natural Resource Management Project PDF
Luis Fernando Bueno, Luiz Gilberto Dall‘Igna, Marcelo Vitor Amaral Campos, Thiago de Lima Martarole, Digeo Gomes Ferreira
GeoSIPAM - Free and Open Source Software Applied to the Protection of the Brazilian Amazon PDF
Luis Fernando Bueno, Weberson Gabriel, Pablo Filetti Moreira, Artur Henrique Villa Real F. Ramos, Fabio Augusto das Dores Silva, Marcelo Campos Brito
The Amazon Deforestation Monitoring System PDF
Vanildes Ribeiro, Ubirajara Moura de Freitas, Gilberto Ribeiro de Queiroz, Mário Rocco Petinatti, Eric Silva Abreu
The DIVERT Project: Development of Inter-Vehicular Reliable Telematics PDF
Hugo Conceição, Luís Damas, Michel Ferreira, João Barros


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