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OSGeo Journal Volume 6 - All Articles PDF
Tyler Mitchell 59
From the Editor... PDF
Tyler Mitchell 1
Volunteer Recognition (Volume 6) PDF
Landon Blake 2


News PDF
Scott Mitchell 4


CASCADOSS International Symposium and International Information Workshop. Events’ report. PDF
Rafal Wawer, Monika Rusztecka, Erika Orlitowa, Adam Podolcsak, Therese Steenberghen, Therese Steenberghen 7
Summer Training Courses on FOSS4G 2007-2009 PDF
Rafal Wawer, Jos Van Orshoven, Jos Van Orshoven 4

Topical Studies

Why Every Open Source Software Project Needs A Good Dictator PDF
Landon Blake 2

Programming Tutorials

GPGPU with GDAL - Basics of GPGPU interfacing PDF
Yann Chemin 3

Case Studies

gvSIG is a viable robust alternative to commercially available GIS packages PDF
Simon Christopher Cropper 3

Project Spotlight

GRASS Image Processing Environment. Application to evapotranspiration Direct Readout PDF
Yann Chemin, Thomas Alexandridis, Ines Cherif 5
SEXTANTE, a free platform for geospatial analysis PDF
victor Olaya 8

Research Papers

Usability Trumps Features: User needs and the redesign of a web-based GIS to support community environmental monitoring PDF
Martin Joseph Bunch, Micheal David MacLennon


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